How to find a job before you move to the UK in 2022

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Finding a job in the UK before you arrive can be tough, but your in the right place. We have put together some advice that can give you a head start and find a job before arrive here. The UK’s job market is strong with a record number of vacancies and rising wages, unemployment is also down to 4.1% which is amongst the lowest in the world as of February 2022. The outlook for the coming years is the UK will face an acute shortage of skilled workers with plenty of vacancies in many occupations. Check Here.

How we can help

The first thing to know is we are your feet on the ground in the UK and will help you find employment through our network of recruitment agencies. Applying for jobs overseas will be more difficult as the hiring manager will often see this as a risk due to relocating costs, potential visa issues and the requirement of the vacancy to be filled quickly. We can speak to recruiters in your behalf after building up your CV and identifying which occupation and industry is most suited to your skills and experience. We then do the leg work finding a potential position for you.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The first thing to do is having an up to date CV, in some countries this is a called a resume. There are thousands of articles online on how to create a CV formatted for the UK but we are here to answer any questions you may have, we wouldn’t send out your CV to recruiters without it being adequate. Most employers filter out the majority of applications based on the CV alone so it is a crucial document needed to work in the UK.


Think of LinkedIn as your online CV, this powerful social media tool is increasingly used by employers to find skilled workers and to network. We will work with you to make sure information that will boost your employment chances are included, there are also a range of UK qualifications and accreditations that Emigrate to the UK can help you attain, these can be included to further enhance your profile.

Having a strategy

Be selective in the jobs you apply for and be careful not to just blanket email to hundreds of companies and recruiters in the UK. Hiring managers will notice the generic answers you are giving, they want to see your are passionate about working for them. Networking on LinkedIn and cold calling is a much more effective approach. Ideally you want to apply for less than 5 jobs at a time so your application is more specific to the company and role you are applying for, strong applications like this also raise the chance of another position at the company, if you are unsuccessful in the role you applied for initially.

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