Skilled Worker Salary for Occupation 2021

Male doctor working in the NHS

Before you use this tool, make sure you know the relevant occupation to match the salary with.

The Skilled Worker Occupations List is the current eligible occupations for the Skilled Worker Visa. This visa is eligible to individuals who are qualified to work in an eligible skilled occupation in the UK and can meet all other requirements.

CodeOccupation Related Job TitlesSalary
1115Chief executives and senior officialsChief executive
Chief medical officer
Civil servant (grade 5 and above)
Vice president
£67,300(£33.19 per hour)
1121Production managers and directors in manufacturingEngineering manager
Managing director (engineering)
Operations manager (manufacturing)
Production manager
£33,000(£16.27 per hour)
1122Production managers and directors in constructionBuilding Services manager
Construction manager
Director (building construction)
Owner (electrical contracting)
£34,900(£17.21 per hour)
1123Production managers and directors in mining and energyOperations manager (mining, water & energy)
Quarry manager
£37,500(£18.49 per hour)
1131Financial managers and directorsInvestment banker
Treasury manager
£43,600(£21.50 per hour)
1132Marketing and sales directorsMarketing director
Sales director
£54,900(£27.07 per hour)
1133Purchasing managers and directorsBid manager
Purchasing manager
£39,300(£19.38 per hour)
1134Advertising and public relations directorsAccount director (advertising)
Head of public relations
£45,400(£22.39 per hour)
1135Human resource managers and directorsHuman resources manager
Personnel manager
Recruitment manager
£36,400(£17.95 per hour)
1136Information technology and telecommunications directorsIT Director
Technical director (computer services)
Telecommunications director
£56,100(£27.66 per hour)
1139Functional managers and directors not elsewhere classifiedManager (charitable organisation)
Research director
£40,600(£20.02 per hour)
1150Financial institution managers and directorsBank manager
Insurance manager
£36,600(£18.05 per hour)
1161Managers and directors in transport and distributionFleet manager
Transport manager
£30,900(£15.24 per hour)
1162Managers and directors in storage and warehousingLogistics manager
Warehouse manager
£24,300(£11.98 per hour)
1172Senior police officersChief superintendent (police service)
Detective inspector
Police inspector
£52,000(£25.64 per hour)
1173Senior officers in fire, ambulance, prison and related servicesFire service officer (government)
Prison governor
Station officer (ambulance service)
£36,300(£17.90 per hour)
1181Health services and public health managers and directorsDirector of nursing
Health Service manager
Information manager (health authority: hospital service)
£38,400(£18.93 per hour)
1184Social services managers and directorsCare manager (local government: social services)
Service manager (welfare services)
£29,400(£14.50 per hour)
1190Managers and directors in retail and wholesaleManaging director (retail trade)
Retail manager
Shop manager (charitable organisation)
Wholesale manager
£21,900(£10.80 per hour)
1211Managers and proprietors in agriculture and horticultureFarm manager
Farm owner
Nursery manager (horticulture)
£25,200(£12.43 per hour)
1213Managers and proprietors in forestry, fishing and related servicesCattery owner
Forest manager
Racehorse trainer
£21,200(£10.45 per hour)
1221Hotel and accommodation managers and proprietorsCaravan park owner
Hotel manager
Landlady (boarding, guest, lodging house)
£21,800(£10.75 per hour)
1223Restaurant and catering establishment managers and proprietorsCafé owner
Fish & chip shopkeeper
Operations manager (catering)
Restaurant manager
Shop manager (take-away food shop)
£21,000(£10.36 per hour)
1224Publicans and managers of licensed premisesLandlady (public house)
Manager (wine bar)
£20,700(£10.21 per hour)
1225Leisure and sports managersAmusement arcade owner
Leisure centre manager
Social club manager
Theatre manager
£24,200(£11.93 per hour)
1226Travel agency managers and proprietorsTourist information manager
Travel agency owner
Travel manager
£24,800(£12.23 per hour)
1241Health care practice managersClinic manager
GP practice manager
Veterinary practice manager
£25,500(£12.57 per hour)
1242Residential, day and domiciliary care managers and proprietorsCare manager
Day centre manager
Nursing home owner
Residential manager (residential home)
£26,700(£13.17 per hour)
1251Property, housing and estate managersEstate manager
Facilities manager
Landlord (property management)
Property manager
£26,300(£12.97 per hour)
1252Garage managers and proprietorsGarage director
Garage owner
Manager (repairing: motor vehicles)
£30,200(£14.89 per hour)
1253Hairdressing and beauty salon managers and proprietorsHairdressing salon owner
Health and fitness manager
Manager (beauty salon)
£19,300(£9.52 per hour)
1254Shopkeepers and proprietors – wholesale and retailAntiques dealer
Fashion retailer
£24,600(£12.13 per hour)
1255Waste disposal and environmental services managersEnvironmental manager (refuse disposal)
Manager (local government: cleansing dept.)
Recycling plant manager
Scrap metal dealer
£32,900(£16.22 per hour)
1259Managers and proprietors in other services not elsewhere classifiedBetting shop manager
Graphic design classified manager
Library manager
Plant hire manager
Production manager (entertainment)
£22,700(£11.19 per hour)
2111Chemical ScientistsAnalytical chemist
Development chemist
Industrial chemist
Research chemist
£26,700(£13.17 per hour)
2112Biological scientists and biochemistsBiomedical scientist
Forensic scientist
£29,700(£14.64 per hour)
2113Physical scientistsGeologist
Medical physicist
£36,500(£18.00 per hour)
2114Social and humanities scientistsAnthropologist
Political scientist
Social scientist
£25,900(£12.77 per hour)
2119Natural and social science professionals not elsewhere classified
For Skilled Worker purposes, occupation code 2119 includes researchers in research organisations other than universities.
Operational research scientist
Research associate (medical)
Research fellow
Scientific officer
Sports scientist
University researcher
£33,000(£16.27 per hour)
2121Civil engineersBuilding engineer
Civil engineer (professional)
Highways engineer
Petroleum engineer
Public health engineer
Site engineer
Structural engineer
£35,000(£17.26 per hour)
2122Mechanical engineersAeronautical engineer (professional)
Aerospace engineer
Automotive engineer (professional)
Marine engineer (professional)
Mechanical engineer (professional)
£33,400(£16.47 per hour)
2123Electrical engineersElectrical engineer (professional)
Electrical surveyor
Equipment engineer
Power engineer
Signal engineer (railways)
£37,000(£18.24 per hour)
2124Electronics engineersAvionics engineer
Broadcasting engineer (professional)
Electronics engineer (professional)
Microwave engineer
Telecommunications engineer (professional)
£34,700(£17.11 per hour)
2126Design and development engineersClinical engineer
Design engineer
Development engineer
Research and development engineer
£34,100(£16.81 per hour)
2127Production and process engineersChemical engineer
Industrial engineer
Process engineer
Production consultant
Production engineer
£33,100(£16.32 per hour)
2129Engineering professionals not elsewhere classifiedAcoustician (professional)
Food technologist
Patent agent
Project engineer
Scientific consultant
Technical engineer
Traffic engineer
£32,700(£16.12 per hour)
2133IT specialist managersData centre manager
IT manager
IT support manager
Network operations manager (computer services)
Service delivery manager
£38,000(£18.74 per hour)
2134IT project and programme managersImplementation manager (computing)
IT project manager
Programme manager (computing)
Project leader (software design)
£40,000(£19.72 per hour)
2135IT business analysts, architects and systems designersBusiness analyst (computing)
Data communications analyst
Systems analyst
Systems consultant
Technical analyst (computing)
Technical architect
£36,600(£18.05 per hour)
2136Programmers and software development professionalsAnalyst-programmer
Database developer
Games programmer
Software engineer
£33,300(£16.42 per hour)
2137Web design and development professionalsInternet developer
Multimedia developer
Web design consultant
Web designer
£26,000(£12.82 per hour)
2139Information technology and telecommunications professionals not elsewhere classifiedIT consultant
Quality analyst (computing)
Software tester
Systems tester (computing)
Telecommunications planner
£31,800(£15.68 per hour)
2141Conservation professionalsConservation officer
Energy conservation officer
Heritage manager
Marine conservationist
£23,600(£11.64 per hour)
2142Environment professionalsEnergy manager
Environmental consultant
Environmental engineer
Environmental protection officer
Environmental scientist
Landfill engineer
£27,900(£13.76 per hour)
2150Research and development managersCreative manager (research and development)
Design manager
Market research manager
Research manager (broadcasting)
£38,200(£18.84 per hour)
Veterinary practitioner
Veterinary surgeon
£32,500(£16.03 per hour)
2311Higher education teaching professionalsFellow (university)
Lecturer (higher education, university)
Professor (higher education, university)
Tutor (higher education, university)
University lecturer
£40,700(£20.07 per hour)
2317Senior professionals of educational establishmentsAdministrator (higher education, university)
Head teacher (primary school)
Principal (further education)
Registrar (educational establishments)
£39,000(£19.23 per hour)
2318Education advisers and school inspectorsCurriculum adviser
Education adviser
Education officer
School inspector
£25,500(£12.57 per hour)
2319Teaching and other educational professionals not elsewhere classifiedAdult education tutor
Education consultant
Music teacher
Nursery manager (day nursery)
Owner (nursery: children’s)
Private tutor
£21,300(£10.50 per hour)
2412Barristers and judgesAdvocate
Chairman (appeals tribunal, inquiry)
Crown prosecutor
District judge
£29,600(£14.60 per hour)
2413SolicitorsManaging clerk (qualified solicitor)
Solicitor to the council
£34,300(£16.91 per hour)
2419Legal professionals not elsewhere classifiedAttorney
Justice’s clerk
Legal adviser
Legal consultant
Legal counsel
Solicitor’s clerk (articled)
£49,700(£24.51 per hour)
2421Chartered and certified accountantsAccountant (qualified)
Auditor (qualified)
Chartered accountant
Company accountant
Cost accountant (qualified)
Financial controller (qualified)
Management accountant (qualified)
£30,000(£14.79 per hour)
2423Management consultants and business analystsBusiness adviser
Business consultant
Business continuity manager
Financial risk analyst
Management consultant
£30,900(£15.24 per hour)
2424Business and financial project management professionalsChief knowledge officer
Contracts manager (security services)
Project manager
Research support officer
£37,300(£18.39 per hour)
2425Actuaries, economists and statisticiansActuarial consultant
Statistical analyst
£32,800(£16.17 per hour)
2426Business and related research professionalsCrime analyst (police force)
Fellow (research)
Games researcher (broadcasting)
£29,700(£14.64 per hour)
2429Business, research and administrative professionals not elsewhere classifiedCivil servant (grade 6, 7)
Company secretary (qualified)
Policy adviser (government)
Registrar (government)
£33,700(£16.62 per hour)
Architectural consultant
Chartered architect
Landscape architect
£35,000(£17.26 per hour)
2432Town planning officersPlanning officer (local government: building and contracting)
Town planner
Town planning consultant
£28,500(£14.05 per hour)
2433Quantity surveyorsQuantity surveyor
Surveyor (quantity surveying)
£30,600(£15.09 per hour)
2434Chartered surveyorsBuilding surveyor
Chartered surveyor
Hydrographic surveyor
Land surveyor
£30,200(£14.89 per hour)
2435Chartered architectural technologistsArchitectural technologist£27,900(£13.76 per hour)
2436Construction project managers and related professionalsContract manager (building construction)
Project manager (building construction)
Transport planner
£28,700(£14.15 per hour)
2443Probation officersInspector (National Probation Service)
Probation officer
Youth justice officer
£28,700(£14.15 per hour)
2449Welfare professionals not elsewhere classifiedChildren’s guardian
Rehabilitation officer
Social services officer
Youth worker (professional)
£24,000(£11.83 per hour)
2451LibrariansChartered librarian
Technical librarian
University librarian
£21,800(£10.75 per hour)
2452Archivists and curatorsArchivist
Keeper (art gallery)
Museum officer
£23,600(£11.64 per hour)
2461Quality control and planning engineersPlanning engineer
Quality assurance engineer
Quality control officer (professional)
Quality engineer
£30,500(£15.04 per hour)
2462Quality assurance and regulatory professionalsCompliance manager
Financial regulator
Patent attorney
Quality assurance manager
Quality manager
£33,200(£16.37 per hour)
2463Environmental health professionalsAir pollution inspector
Environmental health officer
Food inspector
Public health inspector
Technical officer (environmental health)
£29,600(£14.60 per hour)
2471Journalists, newspaper and periodical editorsBroadcast journalist
Radio journalist
£26,500(£13.07 per hour)
2472Public relations professionalsAccount manager (public relations)
Information officer (public relations)
PR consultant
Press officer
Public relations officer
£25,700(£12.67 per hour)
2473Advertising accounts managers and creative directorsAccount manager (advertising)
Advertising Manager
Campaign Manager
Creative Director
Projects Manager (advertising)
£31,900(£15.73 per hour)
3111Laboratory techniciansLaboratory analyst
Laboratory technician
Medical laboratory assistant
Scientific technician
Water tester
£18,200(£8.97 per hour)
3112Electrical and electronics techniciansAvionics technician
Electrical technician
Electronics technician
Installation engineer (Electricity Supplier)
£28,100(£13.86 per hour)
3113Engineering techniciansAircraft technician
Commissioning engineer
Engineering technician
Manufacturing engineer
Mechanical technician
£27,300(£13.46 per hour)
3114Building and civil engineering techniciansBuilding services consultant
Civil engineering technician
Survey technician
Technical assistant (civil engineering)
£23,400(£11.54 per hour)
3115Quality assurance techniciansQuality assurance technician
Quality control technician
Quality officer
Quality technician
Test technician
£23,600(£11.64 per hour)
3116Planning, process and production techniciansProcess technician
Production controller
Production planner
Production technician
£25,200(£12.43 per hour)
3119Science, engineering and production technicians not elsewhere classifiedSchool technician
Technical assistant
Textile consultant
Workshop technician
£22,000(£10.85 per hour)
3121Architectural and town planning techniciansArchitectural assistant
Architectural technician
Construction planner
Planning enforcement officer
£23,800(£11.74 per hour)
3122DraughtspersonsCAD operator
Design technician
£25,800(£12.72 per hour)
3131IT operations techniciansComputer games tester
Database administrator
IT technician
Network administrator
Systems administrator
£24,500(£12.08 per hour)
3132IT user support techniciansCustomer support analyst
Help desk operator
IT support technician
Systems support officer
£24,400(£12.03 per hour)
3216Dispensing opticiansDispensing optician
Optical dispenser
£18,900(£9.32 per hour)
3217Pharmaceutical techniciansDispensing technician
Pharmaceutical technician
Pharmacy technician
£20,300(£10.01 per hour)
3231Youth and community workersCommunity development officer
Youth and community worker
Youth project coordinator
Youth worker
£22,200(£10.95 per hour)
3234Housing officersHousing adviser
Housing officer
Homeless prevention officer
Housing support officer
£24,200(£11.93 per hour)
3235CounsellorsCounsellor (welfare services)
Debt adviser
Drugs and alcohol counsellor
Student counsellor
£20,800(£10.26 per hour)
3239Welfare and housing associate professionals not elsewhere classifiedDay centre officer
Health coordinator
Key worker (welfare services)
Outreach worker (welfare services)
Probation services officer
Project worker (welfare services)
£20,900(£10.31 per hour)
3312Police officers (sergeant and below)Detective (police service)
Police constable
Police officer
Transport police officer
£35,400(£17.46 per hour)
3313Fire service officers (watch manager and below)Fire engineer
Fire safety officer
Watch manager (fire service)
£32,200(£15.88 per hour)
3319Protective service associate professionals not elsewhere classifiedCustoms officer
Immigration officer
Operations manager (security services)
Scenes of crime officer
Security manager
£29,900(£14.74 per hour)
Portrait painter
£21,000(£10.36 per hour)
3412Authors, writers and translatorsCopywriter
Editor (books)
Technical author
£25,600(£12.62 per hour)
3413Actors, entertainers and presentersActor
Disc jockey
Presenter (broadcasting)
£32,200(£15.88 per hour)
3414Dancers and choreographersBallet dancer
Dance teacher
£29,800(£14.69 per hour)
Song writer
£27,500(£13.56 per hour)
3416Arts officers, producers and directorsFilm editor
Production assistant (broadcasting)
Studio manager
Television producer
Theatrical agent
£30,000(£14.79 per hour)
3417Photographers, audio-visual and broadcasting equipment operatorsAudio visual technician
Sound engineer
Theatre technician (entertainment)
£21,100(£10.40 per hour)
3421Graphic designersCommercial artist
Designer (advertising)
Graphic artist
Graphic designer
MAC operator
£23,500(£11.59 per hour)
3422Product, clothing and related designersDesign consultant
Fashion designer
Furniture designer
Interior designer
Kitchen designer
Textile designer
£25,400(£12.52 per hour)
3443Fitness instructorsAerobics instructor
Fitness instructor
Gym instructor
Lifestyle consultant
Personal trainer
Pilates instructor
£15,600(£7.69 per hour)
3511Air traffic controllersAir traffic control officer
Air traffic controller
Air traffic services assistant
Flight planner
£82,400(£40.63 per hour)
3512Aircraft pilots and flight engineersAirline pilot
First officer (airlines)
Flight engineer
Flying instructor
Helicopter pilot
£60,800(£29.98 per hour)
3513Ship and hovercraft officersChief engineer (shipping)
Marine engineer (shipping)
Merchant navy officer
Petty officer
Tug master
Yacht skipper
£32,900(£16.22 per hour)
3520Legal associate professionalsBarrister’s clerk
Compliance officer
Legal executive
£21,900(£10.80 per hour)
3531Estimators, valuers and assessorsClaims assessor
Claims investigator
Engineering surveyor
Loss adjuster
£25,800(£12.72 per hour)
3532BrokersForeign exchange dealer
Insurance broker
Investment administrator
Trader (stock exchange)
£46,900(£23.13 per hour)
3533Insurance underwritersAccount handler (insurance)
Commercial underwriter
Insurance inspector
Mortgage underwriter
£27,100(£13.36 per hour)
3534Finance and investment analysts and advisersFinancial adviser
Financial analyst
Financial consultant
Mortgage adviser
Pensions consultant
£29,400(£14.50 per hour)
3535Taxation expertsTax adviser
Tax consultant
Tax inspector
Taxation specialist
£38,000(£18.74 per hour)
3536Importers and exportersExport controller
Export coordinator
Import agent
£22,300(£11.00 per hour)
3537Financial and accounting techniciansAccounting technician
Business associate (banking)
Financial controller
Insolvency administrator
Managing clerk (accountancy)
£32,500(£16.03 per hour)
3538Financial accounts managersAccounts manager
Audit manager
Credit manager
Fund manager
Relationship manager (bank)
£29,100(£14.35 per hour)
3539Business and related associate professionals not elsewhere classifiedBusiness systems analyst
Data analyst
Marine consultant
Planning assistant
Project administrator
Project coordinator
£23,300(£11.49 per hour)
3541Buyers and procurement officersBuyer
Procurement officer
Purchasing consultant
£25,500(£12.57 per hour)
3542Business sales executivesCorporate account executive
Sales agent
Sales consultant
Sales executive
Technical representative
£25,800(£12.72 per hour)
3543Marketing associate professionalsBusiness development executive
Market research analyst
Marketing consultant
Marketing executive
£24,400(£12.03 per hour)
3544Estate agents and auctioneersAuctioneer
Auctioneer and valuer
Estate agent
Letting agent
Property consultant
£20,700(£10.21 per hour)
3545Sales accounts and business development managersAccount manager (sales)
Area sales manager
Business development manager
Product development manager
Sales manager
£35,400(£17.46 per hour)
3546Conference and exhibition managers and organisersConference coordinator
Event organiser
Events manager
Exhibition organiser
Hospitality manager
£22,900(£11.29 per hour)
3550Conservation and environmental associate professionalsConservation worker
Countryside ranger
National park warden
Park ranger
£20,900(£10.31 per hour)
3561Public services associate professionalsHigher executive officer (government)
Principle revenue officer (local government)
Senior executive officer (government)
£29,800(£14.69 per hour)
3562Human resources and industrial relations officersEmployment adviser
Human resources officer
Personnel officer
Recruitment consultant
£23,500(£11.59 per hour)
3563Vocational and industrial trainers and instructorsIT trainer
NVQ assessor
Technical instructor
Training consultant
Training manager
£23,400(£11.54 per hour)
3564Careers advisers and vocational guidance specialistsCareers adviser
Careers consultant
Careers teacher
Placement officer
£24,500(£12.08 per hour)
3565Inspectors of standards and regulationsBuilding inspector
Driving examiner
Housing inspector
Meat hygiene inspector
Trading standards officer
£26,600(£13.12 per hour)
3567Health and safety officersFire protection engineer (professional)
Health and safety officer
Occupational hygienist
Safety consultant
Safety officer
£29,500(£14.55 per hour)
4112National government administrative occupationsAdministrative assistant (courts of justice)
Administrative officer (government)
Civil servant (EO)
Clerk (government)
Revenue officer (government)
£22,400(£11.05 per hour)
4114Officers of nongovernmental organisationsAdministrator (charitable organisation)
Organiser (trade union)
Secretary (research association)
Trade union official
£22,900(£11.29 per hour)
4134Transport and distribution clerks and assistantsExport clerk
Logistics controller
Shipping clerk
Transport administrator
Transport clerk
Transport coordinator
£20,600(£10.16 per hour)
4151Sales administratorsMarketing administrator
Sales administrator
Sales clerk
Sales coordinator
£18,700(£9.22 per hour)
4161Office managersBusiness support manager
Delivery office manager
Office manager
Practice manager
Sales administration manager
Sales office manager
£25,000(£12.33 per hour)
4214Company secretariesAssistant secretary
Club secretary
Company secretary
£19,500(£9.62 per hour)
4215Personal assistants and other secretariesExecutive assistant
Personal assistant
Personal secretary
£22,000(£10.85 per hour)
5111FarmersAgricultural contractor
Agricultural technician
Crofter (farming)
Herd manager
£20,100(£9.91 per hour)
5112Horticultural tradesGrower
Horticulturalist (market gardening)
Market Gardener
Nursery Assistant (agriculture)
£17,000(£8.38 per hour)
5113Gardeners and landscape gardenersGarden designer
Landscape gardener
£18,600(£9.17 per hour)
5114Grounds-men and greenkeepersGreenkeeper
£17,700(£8.73 per hour)
5119Agricultural and fishing trades not elsewhere classifiedAboricultural consultant
Bee farmer
Share fisherman
Trawler skipper
Tree surgeon
£18,800(£9.27 per hour)
5211Smiths and forge workersBlacksmith
Chain repairer
Steel presser
£20,400(£10.06 per hour)
5212Moulders, core makers and die castersCore Maker (metal trades)
Die Caster
Moulder (metal trades)
Pipe Maker (foundry)
£17,300(£8.53 per hour)
5213Sheet metal workersCoppersmith
Panel beater (metal trades)
Sheet metal fabricator
Sheet metal worker
£21,800(£10.75 per hour)
5214Metal plate workers, and rivetersBoiler maker
Metal plate worker
£25,300(£12.48 per hour)
5215Welding tradesFabricator-welder
Spot welder (metal)
Welding technician
£22,800(£11.24 per hour)
5216Pipe fittersPipe engineer
Pipe fitter
Pipe welder-fitter
£32,300(£15.93 per hour)
5221Metal machiningCNC machinist
CNC programmer
Centre lathe turner
Miller (metal trades)
Tool setter
£22,000(£10.85 per hour)
5222Tool makers, tool fitters and markers-outDie maker
Jig maker
Marker-out (engineering)
Tool fitter
Tool maker
£24,700(£12.18 per hour)
5223Metal working production and maintenance fittersAgricultural engineer
Bench fitter
Engineering machinist
Installation engineer
Maintenance fitter
Mechanical engineer
£25,300(£12.48 per hour)
5224Precision instrument makers and repairersCalibration engineer
Instrument maker
Instrument mechanic
Instrument technician
Optical technician
Precision engineer
£21,000(£10.36 per hour)
5225Air-conditioning and refrigeration engineersAir conditioning engineer
Air conditioning fitter
Refrigeration engineer
Refrigeration technician
Service engineer (refrigeration)
£26,800(£13.21 per hour)
5231Vehicle technicians, mechanics and electriciansAuto electrician
Car mechanic
HGV mechanic
Mechanic (garage)
MOT tester
Motor mechanic
Motor vehicle technician
Technician (motor vehicles)
Vehicle technician
£21,900(£10.80 per hour)
5232Vehicle body builders and repairersBodyshop technician
Car body repairer
Coach builder
Panel beater
Restoration technician (motor vehicles)
Vehicle builder
£20,700(£10.21 per hour)
5234Vehicle paint techniciansCar paint sprayer
Coach painter
Paint technician (motor vehicles)
Vehicle refinisher
£23,000(£11.34 per hour)
5235Aircraft maintenance and related tradesAeronautical engineer
Aircraft electrician
Aircraft engineer
Aircraft fitter
Aircraft mechanic
Maintenance engineer (aircraft)
£31,700(£15.63 per hour)
5236Boat and ship builders and repairersBoat builder
Fitter (boat building)
Frame turner (ship building)
Marine engineer
Ship’s joiner
£25,000(£12.33 per hour)
5237Rail and rolling stock builders and repairersCoach repairer (railways)
Mechanical fitter (railway and rolling stock)
Railway engineer
Rolling stock technician
£37,200(£18.34 per hour)
5241Electricians and electrical fittersElectrical contractor
Electrical engineer
Electrical fitter
£27,200(£13.41 per hour)
5242Telecommunications engineersCable jointer
Customer service engineer (telecommunications)
Installation engineer (telecommunications)
Network officer (telecommunications)
Telecommunications engineer
Telephone engineer
£30,300(£14.94 per hour)
5244TV, video and audio engineersInstallation engineer (radio, television and video)
Satellite engineer
Service engineer (radio, television and video)
Technician (radio, television and video)
Television engineer
£28,300(£13.95 per hour)
5245IT engineersComputer repairer
Computer service engineer
Hardware engineer (computer)
Maintenance engineer (computer servicing)
£24,400(£12.03 per hour)
5249Electrical and electronic trades not elsewhere classifiedAlarm engineer
Electronics engineer
Field engineer
Service engineer
£28,000(£13.81 per hour)
5250Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades supervisorsElectrical supervisor
Maintenance supervisor (manufacturing)
Workshop manager
£30,300(£14.94 per hour)
5311Steel erectorsSteel erector
Steel fabricator
Steel worker (structural engineering)
£23,700(£11.69 per hour)
5312Bricklayers and masonsBricklayer
Dry stone waller
Stone mason
£23,000(£11.34 per hour)
5313Roofers, roof tilers and slatersMastic asphalt spreader
Roof tiler
Roofing contractor
£21,400(£10.55 per hour)
5314Plumbers and heating and ventilating engineersGas engineer
Gas service engineer
Heating and ventilating engineer
Heating engineer
Plumbing and heating engineer
£25,800(£12.72 per hour)
5315Carpenters and joinersCarpenter
Carpenter and joiner
Kitchen fitter
Shop fitter
£22,300(£11.00 per hour)
5316Glaziers, window fabricators and fittersGlass Cutter
Installer (double glazing)
Window fabricator
Window fitter
£19,100(£9.42 per hour)
5319Construction and building trades not elsewhere classifiedAcoustician
Building contractor
Maintenance manager (buildings and other structures)
Property developer (building construction)
£23,000(£11.34 per hour)
5321PlasterersFibrous plasterer
Plastering contractor
£24,300(£11.98 per hour)
5322Floorers and wall tilersCarpet fitter
Ceramic tiler
Flooring contractor
Mosaic floor layer
£21,800(£10.75 per hour)
5323Painters and decoratorsArtexer
French polisher
Paper hanger
Ship sprayer
Wood stainer
£21,400(£10.55 per hour)
5330Construction and building trades supervisorsBuilder’s foreman
Construction foreman
Construction supervisor
Maintenance supervisor
Site foreman
£31,400(£15.48 per hour)
5411Weavers and knittersCarpet weaver
Knitwear manufacturer
£19,300(£9.52 per hour)
5412UpholsterersCurtain fitter
Curtain maker
Soft furnisher
Trimmer (furniture mfr)
£18,500(£9.12 per hour)
5413Footwear and leather working tradesCobbler
Leather worker (leather goods mfr
Machinist (leather goods mfr)
Shoe machinist
Shoe repairer
£17,300(£8.53 per hour)
5414Tailors and dressmakersCutter (hosiery, knitwear mfr)
Fabric cutter
£16,200(£7.99 per hour)
5419Textiles, garments and related trades not elsewhere classifiedClothing manufacturer
Hand sewer
Sail maker
Upholstery cutter
£18,300(£9.02 per hour)
5421Pre-press techniciansCompositor
Plate maker
Pre-press manager
Pre-press technician
Type setter
£19,900(£9.81 per hour)
5422PrintersLithographic printer
Machine minder (printing)
Print manager
Screen printer
Wallpaper printer
£20,800(£10.26 per hour)
5423Print finishing and binding workersBinder’s assistant
Book binder
Finishing supervisor (printing)
Print finisher
£19,800(£9.76 per hour)
Butcher’s assistant
Butchery manager
Master butcher
£19,300(£9.52 per hour)
5432Bakers and flour confectionersBaker
Baker’s assistant
Bakery manager
Cake decorator
£17,300(£8.53 per hour)
5433Fishmongers and poultry dressersButcher (fish, poultry)
Filleter (fish)
Fish processor
Poultry processor
£17,100(£8.43 per hour)
Head chef
Pastry chef
£18,900(£9.32 per hour)
5436Catering and bar managersBar manager
Catering manager
Floor manager (restaurant)
Kitchen manager
Steward (club)
£18,400(£9.07 per hour)
5441Glass and ceramics makers, decorators and finishersCeramic artist
Glass blower
Potter (ceramics mfr)
Pottery worker
Sprayer (ceramics mfr)
Stained glass artist
£17,800(£8.78 per hour)
5442Furniture makers and other craft woodworkersAntiques restorer
Cabinet maker
Coffin maker
Furniture restorer
Picture framer
Sprayer (furniture mfr)
£18,900(£9.32 per hour)
5443FloristsFloral assistant
Floral designer
Flower arranger
£14,000(£6.90 per hour)
5449Other skilled trades not elsewhere classifiedDiamond mounter
Paint sprayer
Piano tuner
Sign maker
Wig maker
£22,300(£11.00 per hour)
6121Nursery nurses and assistantsCrèche assistant
Crèche worker
Nursery assistant
Nursery nurse
£14,700(£7.25 per hour)
6122Childminders and related occupationsAu pair
Child care assistant
Child minder
£17,600(£8.68 per hour)
6123PlayworkersPlaygroup assistant
Playgroup leader
Playgroup supervisor
£12,700(£6.26 per hour)
6125Teaching assistantsClassroom assistant
School assistant
Teaching assistant
£14,400(£7.10 per hour)
6126Educational support assistantsEducation support assistant
Learning support assistant
Non-teaching assistant (schools)
Special needs assistant (educational establishments)
Support assistant (educational establishments)
£13,800(£6.80 per hour)
6131Veterinary nursesAnimal nurse
Veterinary nurse
£16,900(£8.33 per hour)
6139Animal care services occupations not elsewhere classifiedAnimal technician
Canine beautician
Kennel assistant
Kennel maid
Stable hand
£16,100(£7.94 per hour)
6144Houseparents and residential wardensFoster carer
Matron (residential home)
Resident warden
Team leader (residential care home)
Warden (sheltered housing)
£19,700(£9.71 per hour)
6146Senior care workersSenior care assistant
Senior carer
Senior support worker (Local government: welfare services)
Team leader (nursing home)
£16,900(£8.33 per hour)
6214Air travel assistantsAir hostess
Cabin crew
Customer service agent (travel)
Flight attendant
Passenger service agent
£17,600(£8.68 per hour)
6215Rail travel assistantsRetail service manager (railways)
Station assistant (underground railway)
Ticket inspector (railways)
Train conductor
Train manager
£31,400(£15.48 per hour)
7125Merchandisers and window dressersMerchandiser
Sales merchandiser
Visual merchandising manager
Window dresser
£19,100(£9.42 per hour)
7130Sales supervisorsSales supervisor (retail trade: delivery round)
Section manager (retail trade)
Shop supervisor (retail trade)
Supervisor (retail, wholesale trade)
Team leader (retail trade)
£18,900(£9.32 per hour)
7215Market research interviewersInterviewer (market research)
Market researcher (interviewing)
Telephone interviewer
Telephone researcher
Traffic enumerator
£9,800(£4.83 per hour)
7220Customer service managers and supervisorsAfter sales manager
Call centre supervisor
Customer service manager
Customer service supervisor
Team leader (customer care)
£22,900(£11.29 per hour)
8124Energy plant operativesBoilerman
Control room operator(electric)
Hydraulic engineman
Plant operator (electricity supplier)
Power station operator
£23,900(£11.79 per hour)
8126Water and sewerage plant operativesController (water treatment)
Plant operator (sewage works)
Pump attendant
Water treatment engineer
Water treatment operator
£25,000(£12.33 per hour)
8215Driving instructorsDriving instructor
HGV instructor
Instructor (driving school)
Motorcycle instructor
£22,800(£11.24 per hour)
8232Marine and waterways transport operativesEngine room attendant (shipping)
Engineer, nos (boat, barge)
Merchant seaman
Seaman (shipping)
£30,200(£14.89 per hour)

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