About Us

Welcome to Emigrate to the UK

Each year, the UK welcomes millions of newcomers eager to settle in a country that welcomes skilled workers and encourages entrepreneurship. Emigrate To The UK is a immigration news website with the latest updates on visas, employment opportunities and settling into British culture.

We are a free service specialising in everchanging British immigration policy and advice post Brexit. We offer a customer focused and responsive service that provides clear, accurate and impartial UK immigration advice. We know what it takes to make a successful transition from another country.

Our aim is to build the largest British immigration news website and online community of people, who want to move to the UK. We create articles on everything from work visas, jobs, working holidays, places to live and permanent residency. We can suggest reputable employers, immigration lawyers and business brands to help you settle smoothly into this country.

We provide up-to-date news on all things UK through our website and social media platforms.

Any questions or you need any advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Services

  • Providing an overall application strategy through our free consultation
  • Maintaining correspondence with you until a decision is made on your case
  • Helping you to find a job before you arrive by setting you up with employers and recruitment agencies
  • Helping you to find accommodation before you arrive by setting you up with a letting agency or real estate company
  • Planning for your arrival such as flights, mobile contract and bank account
  • Providing the latest updates to better understand UK immigration