Homes for Rent in the UK [2024]

Homes for rent in the UK in 2024 can be a difficult process when you are new to the country. When you move to the UK for work, you are most likely to rent in the beginning. In 2023, net migration in to the UK was 672,000 with many newcomers moving to popular cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Depending on your budget or who you are traveling with, will decide whether you need an apartment or house and which city to live in. Aside from rent, homes for rent in the UK will require a cash deposit along with other additional costs.

The average home for rent in the UK is £850 as of April 2024.

Apartments for rent UK

Apartments in the UK are known as “flats” which can range in size from a studio to usually no more than a three bedroom. Apartments like many other cities in the world are more common in urban areas and especially with the student population in the UK. A “bedsit” is another UK term to describe renting a room in a shared apartment. London rent is considerably more.

The average rent for the UK for a bedsit is £495 per month and a studio apartment will cost you £671 per month.

A one bedroom apartment will cost an average of £750 per month and a two bedroom will cost £825 per month.

Houses to rent in the UK

There are many different types of housing in the UK and choosing one will very much depend on your budget and which area you are looking to move to.

UK Terraced House

One of the most common to rent is a terraced house, this a house that is attached to a similar house that continues on the same street. Usually a terraced house will be one to three bedrooms.

A semi-detached house is made up of two homes within one building, although both usually come with their own driveway and garden. Most of these houses have between one and three bedrooms.

Finally, a detached house is usually the biggest and most expensive of the three as it is a building of its own. Bedrooms are typically between two and five with a garden and driveway.

A two bedroom property in the UK will cost an average of £825 per month, although this can be closer to £1000 if semi or detached.

A three bedroom house to rent in the UK is an average of £1200 per month.

Rent in London on average is more than double the rest of the United Kingdom.

Long term rentals UK

Most renting in the UK is considered as a long-term let, when a contract is at least 6 months.

Infographic on UK rent prices

Cheapest places to rent in UK

The most affordable cities in the UK still offer good employment opportunities and are usually found in Northern England and Scotland. The average rent in the UK is £850 and the cities with the lowest house rent in UK are below this.

  • Sunderland – £626
  • Aberdeen – £689
  • Stoke – £735
  • Wakefield – £737
  • Belfast – £751
  • Derby – £798
  • Liverpool – £801
  • Sheffield – £809
  • Newcastle – £833

Best cities in United Kingdom

The UK is home to some great cities and depending on your budget and lifestyle preference, there will be one to suit you. Best cities to live in UK include London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Bristol. We discuss this in more detail in our recent article 6 UK Cities Best in the World to live 2024.


  • Population – 9 million
  • Average Rent – £2120 per month

London is the capital of the England and the United Kingdom and its largest area by population, with around 9 million people. The city attracts the second most international tourists in the world who come to visit its history and attractions.

The economy in London is strong and employment opportunities are great in many sectors such as IT, retail, finance and healthcare. London is popular with young professionals from around the world but be prepared to pay higher rents prices than the rest of the UK.


  • Population – 505,000
  • Average Rent – £1500 per month

The capital of Scotland is a tourist hotspot and popular with young professionals from the UK and and abroad. The medieval city which is built on and around volcanoes is host to the worlds largest arts festival, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Salaries in the city are higher than the UK average but so is the rent, but residents report a greater quality of life.


  • Population – 1.2 million
  • Average Rent – £1000 per month

Scotland’s largest city is is known for its music, arts and sport, alongside being the UK’s “friendliest” city. Salaries in Glasgow are higher than the UK average whilst having more affordable rents for a major city.

The city has great transports links and plenty of smaller towns around it to commute from. Glasgow boasts 2 high ranking universities, the University of Glasgow in the west end and Strathclyde University in the city centre.


  • Population – 2.8 million
  • Average Rent – £1200 per month

Manchester is known as the “powerhouse of the north” and is the fastest growing UK city by population and economy. Many UK businesses are moving to the city from London but rent and house prices have risen at the same time.

Despite this, Manchester is rising in popularity and is still much more affordable than London and the south of England.


  • Population – 715,000
  • Average Rent – £1700 per month

Bristol is a vibrant city located in the south west of England, known for its rich maritime history with one of the countries busiest ports. Nowadays. The city is known for its student life, creative industries and being the UK’s most green city.

Rent in Bristol is now the highest outside of London due to being popular with professionals and students.

How to find a place to rent in the UK

  • Online
  • Letting Agents
  • Flatshare


Finding a property to rent online is the most popular method in recent years, with many websites to choose from. Many of these website have apps where you can sign up for notifications of new listings, filter searches and check prices. The most popular sites are Zoopla, Open Rent and Rightmove.

Letting Agents

Letting agents in the UK are popular in many towns and cities, they usually will have a shop and a website. They will have landlords who they manage the property for and deal directly with rent and repairs.

Most letting agents are independent so a quick search on Google once you have decided which area to live in.


Flatsharing in the UK is popular in cities due to higher rent. Renting a room with two to five other people is common and a cheaper alternative as usually bills are included.

A popular website for finding a roommate is SpareRoom.

Homes for rent in the UK costs

  • Rent
  • Deposit
  • Insurance
  • Council Tax
  • Utilities


As discussed earlier, the average rent in the UK is £850 but this will vary by region and the size of the property.


You will need to pay a deposit when renting in the UK, usually four or five weeks rent. Deposits are returned in full when your contract is finished, although landlords can keep some of it if any damage to the property is identified. Deposits are protected with a government backed deposit scheme if any conflicts arise with the landlord. Until the issue is resolved.


Contents insurance is not compulsory but it does protect you against any theft or damage to items you have bought, such as furniture and TV’s.

Council Tax

Council Tax is a tax on each home in the UK that is occupied, regardless of how many people are staying in it. The average council tax bill is around £1800 per year.

Council Tax is divided in to a “Band” which determines how much you need to pay per year, usually Band A to Band H.

Council Tax can range from £900 per year to £2200, depending on the value of the property and council region.


Other costs to take into consideration are energy bills such as gas and electricity. The average gas bill in the UK per month is £85 and electricity will cost around £70.

Broadband is paid for by the tenant in most cases, not the landlord. Broadband and a mobile phone contract can be taken together and is usually a better deal than paying for them separately. Check out our mobile network page for the most popular providers.

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