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Emigrate to the UK allows you to plan your move to the UK all in one place.


The UK is a popular destination for graduates and skilled workers due to high salaries, career development and quality of life.


Popular visas include the Skilled Worker, Health and Care Worker and the Youth Mobility Scheme. 


We create articles on how to move to the UK as a student to one of the 160 universities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Student visa attracted over 480,000 new international students in 2022/2023. 


Moving to the UK for work requires a lot of planning and can be overwhelming at first, we hope our free information can help get you over the next hurdle.


It all starts here.

Care Worker in the UK

UK Sponsorship Visas for Care Workers 2024

Care workers looking to move to the UK to live and work are currently in high demand. Out of all the UK sponsorship visas for care workers, the Health and Care Worker visa is the most popular pathway to live and work in the United Kingdom. You will need to have a valid visa and […]

Commuting in London UK

What is the High Potential Individual Visa?

The High Potential Individual visa was created in 2022 to attract recently graduated international students to the UK. It allows international graduates from selected universities to come and live and work in the UK for two years. You must have graduated in the last five years. Students must have graduated from a selected international university […]

study in the UK

Study in the UK – Pathway to Immigration

Are you looking to study in the UK for a bachelors degree or maybe a masters or doctorate? The UK offers a world-class education which leads to great career opportunities and therefor sponsorship by employers looking to retain your expertise in the United Kingdom. A well-planned study strategy can lead to a long-term work visa […]

NHS nurses in the UK

Work as a Nurse in the UK

Interested in moving abroad to work as a nurse in the UK? The idea of continuing your career overseas can seem overwhelming at first. You will need to have a valid visa and sponsorship from an employer such as the National Health Service (NHS). Most nurses who qualify for a visa from outside the UK […]

office worker for Innovator Founder visa UK

UK amongst the most attractive destinations for foreign entrepreneurs in 2023

Entrepreneurial talent are in demand around the world, with an increasing amount of countries offering start-up or innovation style visas to attract them. Entrepreneurs are important as they play a pivotal role in creating jobs, attracting investment and economic growth for the economy. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) measure the attractiveness of […]

UK and Canada flags

UK Youth Mobility Scheme for Canadian Nationals

The Youth Mobility Scheme visa is a great opportunity to work and travel in the UK, it allows young people from Canada to live and explore around the country for up to three years. The UK recently negotiated a trade deal with the Canadian government which includes making it easier for young adults to live […]

UK Flag and Africa

Most popular ways to immigrate to the UK from Africa

Choosing to emigrate to the United Kingdom can be a life-changing but exciting decision. Not only does it have the worlds 6th largest economy, but is known for its diverse culture, sport and scenery. The UK more than ever is looking for skilled workers across the African continent to help fill skill shortages in sectors […]

construction workers in the UK

Demand for Skilled Workers in the UK 2024 – Skilled Occupations List

The UK government has announced upcoming additions of multiple occupations to the Shortage Occupations List. These changes are expected to be introduced before the end of 2023 and will include occupations from the construction and fishing sectors. You will apply through the Skilled Worker visa. Separately, the Skilled Worker Occupations List contains more job roles […]

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Are you interested in immigration to the UK, but not sure how to do it? Whether you want to make the UK your temporary or permanent home, it is important to get access to the most up-to-date information.

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