UK Visa Fees Increase from October 2023

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The United Kingdom government has raised fees for certain visas from October following an announcement in July this year. Work visas and student visas have both risen with the amount varying depending on your personal circumstances and length of stay. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announce that UK visa fees are increasing to partially fund public sector wage increases. Visa fees have risen on average 15% across the board. The increase in visa costs is not expected to stop the rising overseas skilled workers influx into the UK.

What UK Visa Fees are rising?

VisaPrevious Visa FeeNew Visa Fee
Skilled Worker £625 – 3 years or less
£1235 – 3 years or more
Health and Care Worker£247 – 3 years or less
£479 – 3 years or more
High Potential Individual£715£822
Senior or Specialist Worker£625 – 3 years or less
£1235 – 3 years or more
Innovator Founder£1036£1191
Child Student£363490

why are UK Visa Fees rising?

Visa fees have risen this month an average of 15% across all visa types. Skilled workers will have to pay extra for the same visas as before with extensions more costly. Revenue collected from application fees has traditionally help fund the UK immigration system and border, but the latest increase is to pay for recent public sector increases due to inflation.

WHen will the Visa Fees take effect?

The increase in UK visa fees began on the 4th of October 2023.

Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

The Immigration Health Surcharge is also expected to increase from £624 to £1035 for work visas and £776 for student visas. The rise is expected in 2024 with no confirmed date as of yet. An update is expected from the UK government by January 2024.

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