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UK Visa processing times

The United Kingdom offers multiple types of visa options including work visas, study visas and visitor visas. UK visa processing times will vary between visa types and this needs to be taken in to consideration when you begin your application. Planning your move such as gathering documentation, booking flights and finding accommodation are tasks that need organised alongside your visa application, so you need a good understanding of the timeframes involved. A typical UK work or study visa will take a month for the application stage only.

When does the visa application begin?

Depending on your circumstances your application processing time starts when you confirm your identity. If eligible, you can confirm your identity online using the ID Check application.

You might have to attend your appointment in person at a visa application centre where your biometrics will be taken including fingerprints and a photograph.

Work Visa processing times

Work visas allow international skilled workers to live and work in the UK for a set number of years.

The UK is one of the best countries in the world to enhance your career because of high salaries, development opportunities and reputable brands that have decided to employ here. The UK unemployment rate has been under 10% for over 30 years which allows a good chance of being employed in your industry.

VisaProcessing Time
Skilled Worker3 weeks
Health and Care Worker3 weeks
UK Ancestry 3 weeks
British National Overseas (Hong Kong)12 weeks
Scale-Up3 weeks
Senior or Specialist Worker3 weeks
Innovator Founder3 weeks
High Potential Individual3 weeks

Student Visa processing times

Student visas allow international students to live and study in the UK to graduate in their chosen degree.

British universities are acknowledged globally for their creative and challenging environments, that encourage students to be their best. Their standards are highly regarded, with experts on many academic topics, and they’re generally listed high in the World University Rankings.

VisaProcessing Time
Student3 weeks
Graduate8 weeks
Child Student3 weeks
Study English 3 weeks

UK Visitor Visa processing times

Visitor visas allow foreign holiday-makers to travel to the UK for a set period of time.

The UK is known for historical sightseeing, stunning scenery and great festivals.

VisaProcessing Time
Standard Visitor3 weeks
Permitted Paid Engagement3 weeks
Marriage Visitor3 weeks
Chinese Tour Group3 weeks
Transit3 weeks

Family Visa processing times

British citizens or people with indefinite leave to remain otherwise known as permanent residence, can sponsor family members to live in the UK.

VisaProcessing Time
Partner or spouse24 weeks
Parent24 weeks
Child24 weeks
Adult coming to be cared for by a relative24 weeks

Common issues that can delay visa processing times

There are a variety of reasons that may cause your application to be delayed:

  • The quality of the application on first submission, including all necessary documents
  • Taking your time to reply to additional information requests
  • More documentation required
  • Applicants with criminal convictions

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