Study English in the UK Visa


The Study English in the UK visa is an exciting opportunity for people who want to learn English and experience life in the UK, it allows the visa holder to live in the UK for the duration of the course which is up to 11 months.

Who Qualifies?

Anyone over 16 and has been accepted onto an approved English course with a licensed student sponsor.

How Long Can You Stay?

Up to 11 months.

Processing Time?

After you have submitted your online application, proved your identity and provided the relevant documents, 90% of applicants are processed within 3 weeks.



Eligibility for Study English Visa

In order to qualify for this visa you must meet several minimum requirements.

  • At least 16 years old
  • Study an approved course with a licensed student sponsor ( e.g. college)
  • Evidence that you can support yourself financially

Occupations for Study English Visa

You can not work, even if unpaid.

Study English Visa Cost

You must have sufficient funds when applying for the Study English in the UK Visa, the total minimum costs will vary depending on your circumstances.

Application & Course Fee

The application fee for the visa is £200.

The English course will need to be paid when applying for this visa, the average course fee for international students is around £400.


The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) entitles you to use the NHS if you become unwell or have an accident while in the UK.

You have to pay the IHS even if you do not use the NHS or even if you have your own private health insurance, the cost is £1,035 per year.

Sufficient Funds

You must prove you will have a minimum income of at least at least £1,023 in your bank account to show you can support yourself in the UK, a student loan statement will suffice. If the course is in London, the minimum income is £1,334.

The financial requirement is that you show you have enough money for your living costs for yourself while you move to the UK.

You do not need to show funds it you have been living in the UK for 12 months.

Documentation required for Study English Visa

You must bring relevant documentation that will require some preparation before arriving in the UK. Although, This will vary depending on your occupation, nationality and length of stay.

  • Letter of acceptance of where you will be studying
  • A valid passport for the entirety of the visa
  • Bank statement proving sufficient funds
  • Evidence you have paid the course fee
  • Proof of accommodation during your stay

Criminal Record Certificate

If you are applying for certain jobs mostly in the public sector such as healthcare, welfare and education sectors. You will need to provide a criminal record certificate for any country in which, since the age of 18, you have been present for 12 months or more in the 10 years before the date of your application.


For most applicants you must prove your identity by booking an appointment at a Visa Application Centre in your current country. The appointment will include collecting your fingerprints, facial photograph and signature. The UK government website has a list of addresses for each eligible country.

Can I bring my family?

This visa does not allow family members to join.

Can this lead to British citizenship?

This visa does not lead to British citizenship. Although, once you can speak English fluently, you become eligible for many work visas.

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