Best Cities to Work and Live in the UK in 2023

Canal boat Bristol UK

The United Kingdom has long been the world-famous place to work and live in due to the huge number of opportunities it offers in terms of career and life. Since it is among the top economies in the world, those looking for a high living standard with excellent employment opportunities find it the perfect spot. However, the United Kingdom is a large country and you need to choose which city is best to work and live in the UK. So, here is a simple guide for the top 5 cities to work and live in the UK.

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London Harrods UK


London is an epicentre of business with almost all of the biggest companies in the world having their branches in London. This means that working and living in London offers more employment opportunities thereby levelling up your career. In terms of salaries, London is the highest-paid city in the UK as compared to other cities.

Interestingly, while you live and work in London, you pay the tax that goes directly or indirectly to the National Health Service (NHS). This tax means that you don’t have to pay any amount when you visit a doctor. This gives London an advantage over other megacities around the world, when factoring in cost.

You will see history at every corner in London. On the other hand, the most fascinating thing about working and living in London is that you don’t need to own a car there. Instead, there is an amazing public transport network (The Tube and London Buses) running in the city that leaves no need for a private car. There are numerous green spaces where you can go and relax anytime and get away from it all. Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, and Richmond Park are among the top green places in London.

If you are thinking about starting up a business, we are glad to inform you that London has been among the top cities across the world to be self-employed. So, living in London and starting your business there will prove to be highly beneficial with a lot of free support available and various government incentives for self-employed people.


  • Megacity
  • Transport Network
  • History
Canal boat Birmingham UK


Often referred to as “The UK’s Second City” after London, Birmingham is a global centre for business, commerce, and industry. The city has been massively contributing to the national economy of the United Kingdom since the industrial revolution. The most important industries include Engineering and manufacturing which provide more than 100,000 jobs. But, Birmingham has much more to offer in terms of career. Apart from having a large insurance market, the city hosts many accountancy, creative, law, logistics, retail, management consultancy firms, and overseas banks make people refer to it as “the city of a thousand trades”.

As far as you have the right qualifications, experience, and direction of your career, Birmingham has got plenty of job opportunities for you. The average salary comes quite well over the national average, i.e., £30,000.

When talking about things to do, Birmingham has everything as a city. With a lot of arenas, shopping centres, arts, and entertainment, you are not going to get bored anytime soon. No doubt, it is among the most dynamic, modern, and vibrant cities in the United Kingdom.

If you are a foodie and like to hit upon restaurants, Birmingham is the perfect place for you to work and live since there is a wide range of restaurants that suit all tastes. From the excellent Michelin-starred restaurants to the world-famous eateries, you will get something to fit into your cravings and taste. The delicious Balti triangle and curry mile are the award-winning city centre restaurants, while Cadbury World Birmingham is famous all over the world. Not only for foodies, but Birmingham is a shoppers’ heaven too. You will find both independent shops as well as high street brands running in the shopping centres of Birmingham.


  • Salary to Living Expenses
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
Manchester Tram UK


Manchester is always ranked among the top cities in the United Kingdom to work and live in. As per the Economists’ Global Liveability Index, Manchester ranked as the top city in terms of social and political stability, crime rates, education, healthcare, and a similar range of factors.

From the world-famous and beautiful architecture to the popular music scene, the city has all the right reasons to work and live in it. With a vast range of careers, it has a job for everyone. Not only jobs but, Manchester also thrives as an entrepreneurial hotspot which makes it an amazing place to live and start up a business.

The greatest of benefits while working and living in Manchester come in terms of rent which is half the price as compared to London, the capital city of the UK. Another advantage Manchester gives to the commuters is a large fleet of buses, trams, and trains making business and job a much less hassle. The free bus service in the city links all the business areas, shopping districts, as well as all the main railway stations across the city. The most successful of the light railway systems in the United Kingdom operates in Manchester as the Metrolink tram.

Moreover, the price at which you get just one detached house in London is the price at which you get four in Manchester. As it is the fastest growing city in the United Kingdom, the number of restaurants and bars opening each year is thrice the number of restaurants and bars opening in London each year.


  • Nightlife
  • Some Public Transport is Free
  • Affordable
Edinburgh Stockbridge UK


In 2018, Edinburgh was entitled as the “Most attractive city to live and work in” by a study commissioned by Royal Mail. This title was given to the city in terms of employment potential, healthcare, education, and other facilities it offers to the residents. It is known to have the second-highest earning potential among all other cities in the United Kingdom, while London still being on the top. With office space expenses almost half that of London, Edinburgh secures the largest number of business start-ups. Having strong investment potential, a diverse economy, and an increasing population, it is recognized as a vibrant capital city in the UK.

As a place to work, Edinburgh has much more to offer than a successful career. The natural beauty and architecture of the city attracts over 4 million tourists each year, while the extraordinary history makes it rank amongst Europe’s most beautiful cities.

Edinburgh also tops the list of cities in “access to green space” since the nature covers 28% of the city. Edinburgh Fringe Festival makes it the most popular city while it hosts the world’s largest yearly arts celebration. In short, Edinburgh is a place full of career opportunities, growth, and culture where you can discover an opportunity for lifetime to live and work.


  • History
  • Festivals
  • Salary
Canal boat Bristol UK


From cycling, walking or even scootering to your work place along with plenty of career opportunities, living amenities, and affordable housing, Bristol has it all. The time you spare by not having to commute through long distances can be spent joyfully in the bountiful shops, buzzing nightlife, well-maintained parks, and artisan cafes.

Even so, you are not going to be out of places to spend your weekends or evenings because Bristol has got a lot of activity centers, cinemas, comedy clubs, theatres, and bowling alleys. The art gallery and the Bristol museum are where you can see art besides Banksy murals on the street. The carnivals and street festivals also occur regularly – Mayfest, Harbour festival, Food connections festival, and the Balloon Fiesta being the most famous ones.

A wide range of local and international employers of industries like construction, retail, manufacturing, storage, IT, transportation, communications, social work, health, and scientific and technical industries provide job opportunities for everyone. Also, the casual work is available in Bristol due to the large student population there.

Since job hunt is quite difficult in most cities of the United Kingdom, Bristol solves the problem by providing job opportunities in almost every sector coupled with an amazing city life. The plentiful parks add greenery to the city and provide green space to relax and spend soothing time with family and friends. The easy access to the beautiful countryside makes it perfect to live and work in Bristol.


  • Entertainment
  • Festivals
  • Job Availability


The United Kingdom is an amazing place to live and work to make your career. However, it is difficult to decide which city you should live in. Now when you have gone through the top 5 cities to work and live in the UK, pick the one best suited to you and pack your bags to move to the UK. Settle, get started with your work in the area of your expertise, and build your career!

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