UK Job Vacancies and Pay Febuary 2023

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On February 2023, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released its latest monthly report on employment in the UK. The report shows a near all time high of employment in the UK with increasing salaries. If you are interested in filling one of these vacancies and want to move to the UK, check out our latest article on sponsorship.

Job Vacancies Decrease

Job vacancies in the UK are down 76,000 to 1,134,000, which is a 6% decrease from the previous quarter. This figure marks the seventh straight month the UK has reported a fall in vacancies. This is similar to other advanced economies who are looking abroad for skilled workers to fill positions in many industries.

Industry Growth

Four separate industries across the UK saw job vacancies go down by at least 10% compared to August 2022, these industries include Construction (14%), Real Estate (14%), Transport (12%), Manufacturing (10%).

Healthcare and NHS

The healthcare industry as a whole has around 206,000 vacancies, which is the highest of any industry in the UK. There is a notable shortage of nurses and doctors for the NHS and sponsorship is available through the Health and Care Worker visa.

Average Salary Increase

The UK average salary has increased 6.7% excluding bonuses taking the average annual salary for full time employees to £33,000. The average pay in the private sector has risen 7.3% compared to the publish sector which is 4.2%. Due to industrial action across the UK and various industries, salary increases for the public sector is expected in 2023 due to high inflation.

Immigrant wages in the UK

New arrivals coming to work in the UK have seen their wages rise in recent years, due to the salary requirements introduced from the new working visas. Most skilled roles require you to have a minimum salary of £25,600, although many employers offer higher than this.

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