Immigration Salary List UK (ISL) [2024]

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The Immigration Salary List (ISL) will replace the Shortage Occupation List (SOL) in the United Kingdom from the 4th of April 2024. The ISL contains 23 occupations that are most in demand in the UK for 2024, the list will be updated on an annual basis. There is some changes from the SOL including eligibility and occupations included. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) have been recommending the changes and which occupations should be included.

What is the Immigration Salary List

The Immigration Salary List (ISL) is compiled to help employers who are experiencing skills shortages and need to recruit from overseas. There will be 23 occupations on the initial ISL of which 20 are needed in all four countries, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Employers benefit as they can sponsor skilled workers with a lower salary threshold, whilst workers benefit with reduced visa fees.

There will be a full review of the Immigration Salary List later in 2024, with more changes to be expected.

How does it differ from SOL?

The latest Shortage Occupation List contained 31 job roles, compared to just 23 on the Immigration Salary List.

SOL included a 20% going rate which allowed a salary to be lower than the minimum threshold for a Skilled Worker visa. The ISL will not have this discount included. Although, the government on the 14th of March 2024 stated that “occupations have a 20% discount to the general salary threshold (to £30,960 or £23,200, depending on whether they would otherwise be subject to the £38,700 or £29,000 threshold”.

The minimum salary threshold will be increased from £26,200 to £38,700 in April 2024. This will mean that many occupations will be unavailable for the Skilled Worker route.

For healthcare professionals on the Health and Care Worker visa, the minimum salary threshold will be £23,200.

The New Entrant discount that was available on the SOL list will also be affected. This discount offered those switching from the Student Visa UK or Graduate Visa UK and those under 26 a 30% discount on the “Going Rate”. Although this discount is removed, there will be a 20% discount on the salary threshold.

Shortage Occupations List UK

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) advised in February 2024 that 21 occupations should be included in the first Immigration Salary List. The government then added 2 more occupations in March 2024, increasing it to 23.

SOC code
Job RoleSOC code
Salary threshold if on ISLCountry
2111Chemical scientists – only jobs in the nuclear industry2111£35,200Scotland only
2112Biological scientists and biochemists – all jobs2112£37,100UK-wide
2114Social and humanities scientists – only archaeologists2115£36,400UK-wide
3411Artists – all jobs3411£32,800UK-wide
3414Dancers and choreographers – only skilled classical ballet dancers or skilled contemporary dancers who meet the standard required by internationally recognised UK ballet or contemporary dance companies. The company must be endorsed as being internationally recognised by a UK industry body such as the Arts Councils (of England, Scotland or Wales).3414£31,200UK-wide
3415Musicians – only skilled orchestral musicians who are leaders, principals, sub-principals or numbered string positions, and who meet the standard required by internationally recognised UK orchestras. The orchestra must be a full member of the Association of British Orchestras.3415£35,300UK-wide
3416Arts officers, producers and directors – all jobs3416£37,500UK-wide
3421Graphic designers – all jobs2142£30,960UK-wide
5215Welding trades – only high integrity pipe welders, where the job requires 3 or more years related on-the-job experience. This experience must not have been gained through illegal working.5213£31,700UK-wide
5315Carpenters and joiners – all jobs5316£30,960UK-wide
1213Managers and proprietors in forestry, fishing and related services – add only “fishing boat masters”1212£30,960Scotland only
3111Laboratory technicians – all jobs (requires 3 years or more experience)3111£30,960UK-wide
3217Pharmaceutical technicians – all jobs3212£30,960UK-wide
5236Boat and ship builders and repairers – all jobs5235£34,100Scotland only
5312Stonemasons and related trades – all jobs5312£32,400UK-wide
5313Bricklayers – all jobs5313£30,960UK-wide
5313Roofers, roof tilers and slaters – all jobs5314£30,960UK-wide
5319Construction and building trades not elsewhere classified – add only “retrofitters”5319£30,960UK-wide
6139Animal care services occupations not elsewhere classified – add only “racing grooms”, “stallion handlers”, “stud grooms”, “stud hands”, “stud handlers” and “work riders”6129£30,960UK-wide
6145Care workers and home carers – private households or individuals (other than sole traders sponsoring someone to work for their business) cannot sponsor Skilled Worker applicants6135£30,960UK-wide
6146Senior care workers – all jobs6136£30,960UK-wide
5119Agriculture and fishing trades not elsewhere classified – only jobs in the fishing industry5119UK-wide
9119Fishing and other elementary agriculture occupations not elsewhere classified – only deckhands on large fishing vessel (9 metres and above). The job must require 3 or more years full-time experience. This experience must not have been gained through illegal working.9119UK-wide

UK Work Visa Options

If your job role is on the new Immigration Salary List, then you will need to apply for the Skilled Worker Visa UK or The Health and Care Worker Visa UK.

How to move to the UK without a job?

If your occupation is not on the Immigration Salary List, your best option is to find a visa that does not require UK work sponsorship.

The five visas below are the most popular.

Apply for Citizenship in UK

Moving to the UK on the Skilled Worker or Health and Care Worker will count towards citizenship. You need to accumulate five years of working in the UK before you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

There are 3 main stages to being granted British citizenship.

  • Live and Work in the UK for 5 years on a work visa
  • Apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)
  • Apply for Naturalisation/British citizenship

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